Monday, September 12, 2011

Yeti SB95 Review from Outdoor Demo 2011

After much waiting today, we finally got the chance to ride Yeti Cycles' new SB95 29" wheel 5" travel duelie (9 is for the 29" wheel, and 5 is for the 5" of rear wheel travel) featuring Yeti's new proprietary Switch technology. We previously rode the SB66 at DealerCamp in Deer Valley and loved that bike for a long travel all mountain type bike. But what excited us about the SB95 was that it seems a little more suited for the riding we have in east Tennessee and southwest Virginia. We were pleasantly suprised to say the least.

Our test bikes were spec'd with Shimano XT 3x10 drivetrains, some Easton cockpit goodies, DT Swiss wheels, and Fox front and rear suspension (which is typical of our friends from Golden, CO). The setup was a great mid-range setup to get a good idea of how the bike will be spec'd for the average Joe. I'm not going to talk much more about the parts, but would like to give a nod to the Shimano XT brakes featuring their ICE Technology. They were sweet!

The Switch Technology used on the SB66 and SB95 is a little different at first. The design features an eccentric main pivot that changes as you move through the travel. Once on the bikes you notice a slightly different feel as you roll over the bumps. But after a quick adjustment to your riding style it is easy to fall in love with the design.

We had a lot of fun on this bike. If you are looking for a 29" wheel bike to spend all day on, this is your bike. Yeti is currently taking orders on the SB95 for delivery next March or April. So... If you want one as soon as they are available, we need to know ASAP!